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Occupational Therapists use purposeful activity to maximize the independence of a child or adult.

For a child, purposeful activities such as playing, climbing, drawing, buttoning, and writing are considered their occupation. Occupational Therapists address underlying social-emotional, physical, sensory, developmental, and behavioral challenges that may be impacting a child's occupation. 


For an adult, his or her occupation may include working, cooking, cleaning, and caring for children. Our goal is to increase the level of daily functioning and facilitate a decrease in pain to resume your occupation. We want to support and challenge you to restore movement in every aspect of your life. We will guide, support, and encourage you through interventions in the pool and gym to carryover to everyday life. 

Occupational Therapy


OTs provide evaluation and intervention for: 

  • Fine motor and handwriting skills

  • Visual motor skills

  • Sensory processing

  • Self-regulation

  • Motor planning

  • Self-care and personal hygiene

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Low back pain

  • Joint pain

  • Post stroke

  • Generalized weakness

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