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Physical therapists are movement specialists. We will work with you to develop, restore, and improve mobility to increase independence. 


For adults: 

Our goal is to increase the level of daily functioning and facilitate a decrease in pain. We want to support and challenge you to restore movement in every aspect of your life. We will guide, support, and encourage you through interventions in the pool and gym to carryover to everyday life. 

For children:

We specialize in supporting and improving your child's gross motor development through comprehensive and individualized intervention. Rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, running, playing with peers, and participating in sports are key activities in children’s lives and in their physical and social development.

Physical Therapy

Yoga Class

PTs provide evaluation and intervention for: 

  • Gross motor skills

  • Coordination

  • Toe walking

  • Balance

  • Motor planning

  • Torticollis and Plagiocephaly

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Low back pain

  • Joint pain

  • Post stroke

  • Generalized weakness

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