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Our team at Progressive Beginnings is an energetic, dedicated, and passionate team comprised of people who are ready to support you and/or your child along the therapeutic journey. Our team is comprised of Occupational and Physical Therapists.


In Sheboygan, we specialize in treating patients with chronic pain and pediatric patients. We offer the only warm water aquatic therapy pool in Sheboygan County. We will start with the approach of understanding the unique situation and goals of each adult or child and will work with you to achieve optimal well being. We have the knowledge, skill, service, equipment, and unique modalities to offer you a one of a kind therapeutic experience in Sheboygan County.


Latest Clinic News:


Autism in children.

Sept 7, 2022

Autism is a spectrum of related disorders having a shared core of signs and symptoms. All kids on the spectrum have difficulties with (1) communicating non-verbally and verbally, (2) relating to the world around and to others, (3) behaving and thinking flexibly. Looking for resources? We can help support your family.

Exercise in water can help reduce chronic pain.

July 13, 2022


Exercise in water utilizes several principles and has a number of benefits that will speed recovery, boost your muscle performance, and help to reduce pain. By using equipment such as water paddles or noodles, the therapist can create gentle currents aimed at specific areas of the body, helping to improve problem areas.

The importance of good sleep hygiene

April 19, 2022

Good sleep hygiene involves getting 7-8 hours per night. Here are some tips to getting a good night sleep:

➡️ Maintain a daily routine such as reading before bed

➡️ Consider learning meditation or deep breathing techniques to clear your mind

​➡️ Stop drinking liquids 3-4 hours before bedtime

➡️ Stay active, avoid naps

➡️ Prescriptions and over the counter medications can affect sleep

➡️ Reduce or eliminate drinking alcohol



Find your LOVE for movement!

Feb 2, 2022

Our bodies are designed to move. Although the idea of moving seems simple, we often forget how much our bodies need movement!

The CDC recommends that:

-KIDS have 60 minutes every DAY of moderate to vigorous activity

-ADULTS have 2.5 hours every WEEK, or 30 minutes each DAY at least 5 days a week of moderate activity.

If you feel limited in your ability to participate in activities of exercise, let our PB team create  an individualized movement plan for you! It's never too late to find your love for movement. 

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