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5 Benefits of Aquatic Therapy As Part Of Rehab After Stroke

Aquatic therapy offers many benefits for patients that have a history of a stroke:

  1. Improved motor function: a pool provides a supportive environment that reduces the effects of gravity, better supporting weakened muscles and allowing more free movement.

  2. Enhanced balance and coordination: the resistance of water provides gentle proprioceptive input, helping patients improve their ability to control movements and maintain balance.

  3. Increased muscle strength: the resistance of the water serves as a natural form of resistance training, enabling patients to strengthen muscles without putting too much strain on joints.

  4. Reduced pain and spasticity: the warmth of the water promotes muscle relaxation and increases blood flow, providing relief from muscle stiffness and discomfort commonly associated with stroke recovery.

  5. Enhanced cardiovascular function: aerobic exercises performed in the water improve cardiovascular endurance and circulation contributing to a faster recovery.

By leveraging the unique properties of water, aquatic therapy provides a safe and effective rehabilitation approach to support stroke recovery and promote functional independence.

Blog written by Jessica Oakland, PT, DPT


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