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How to Avoid Container Syndrome

All parents need a safe spot to put their baby down every now and then. But too much time in a "container" can end up restricting movement required for healthy motor development.

What is a baby container?

  • Swings

  • Jumpers

  • Activity centers

  • Carriers

  • Bouncers

  • Infant seats (bumbo, sit-me-up chair, etc)

  • Car seat

As a reminder, walkers on wheels are NOT safe and should not be used at all. In fact, they are banned for sale in some countries, and the American Academy of Pediatrics has called for a ban on them as well.

Baby container guidelines

  • Containers are for a caregiver's convenience - NOT to progress developm

  • Always choose the floor first

  • Limit container use to 15 minute intervals no more than 2 hours/day

  • Aim for twice as much floor time

  • Don't let baby sleep in a container, transfer them to a flat surface

  • Your baby's feet should be flat on the floor (not on their tip toes) when in an upright activity center

  • Don't feel guilty when you need to put a baby in a container so you can take care of something important

Containers are not all bad!

However, they must be developmentally appropriate, used sparingly and provide optimal alignment and support for your baby.

Blog written by Dr. Jessica Oakland, PT, DPT


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