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Self-Talk & Parallel-Talk

Tips to promote speech and jumpstart your toddler’s language development during daily activities and routines.

How to use Self-Talk & Parallel-Talk

What is it?

Self-talk is a strategy in which you narrate what you are doing. Parallel-talk is a strategy in which you narrate what your child is doing. Both help create a language-rich environment!

Self-talk and parallel-talk expose your child to a wide variety of language throughout their day and in a variety of contexts. This strategy promotes speech and language development because a child must understand words and hear them used in context before they will begin to use those words.

How to use it?

Narrate activities occurring around your child, as well as what you and your child are doing.

For example, while eating lunch you could say “Here’s an apple. I’m putting apples on your plate”. Use short and simple sentences, not only to make it easier for your child to understand, but to also make it easier for your child to pick out words they might imitate!

When to use it?

Self-talk and parallel-talk can be incorporated in activities throughout your entire day.

Blog written by: Mazal Karan, MS, SLP-CF


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