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What To Know About W-Sitting!

What is W sitting?

W sitting is a position children sit in where their knees are placed together in front of them and their feet are on the sides of their hips, making a W-shape as pictured.

What causes my child to sit like this?

Children usually sit like this because of:

  • Bone alignment

  • Core and trunk weakness

  • Excessive hip flexibility

  • Joint hypermobility

  • Low muscle tone

  • They just like to

  • It's easier!

Not all W-Sitting is bad!

Most kiddos W-sit at some point in their development! But it is only cause for concern if this is the child's preferred sitting position and ring/circle sit or side sit is not observed.

W-sitting widens a child’s base of support in sitting and decreases the utilization of the core muscles. It also may create limited movement for a child where they are moving only forward and backward in one plane as opposed to movement in additional planes including laterally to the side and with rotation. W-sitting also creates difficulty transitioning in and out of sitting through rotation which i